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Here are a few quick and helpful Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay tips below that we've rounded up to help you make the most of your life in the West...

  • Lost Your Hat? - If you find yourself hatless at the end of a hard day's gunslinging, Arthur's Hat can be recovered simply by standing next to or mounting your horse, holding L1 and tapping R1 to bring up the Horse Wheel.
  • Faster Looting - Hold down the Square/X button to continually loot multiple items from chests and containers.
  • Quick View Map - Hold down Options/Menu button to view your map instantly.
  • Alternate Controls - In the game's Controls Menu, there are a number of pre-set control schemes and options including the ability to alter your sprint controls.
  • Horse Melee - You can hold and release Circle/B to melee from horseback.
  • Aiming Down Sights - Tap down on the D-pad while aiming in first person to look down your sights. This also works for scoped weapons by aiming in third person. 
  • Lost A Legendary Pelt? - If you misplace a legendary animal pelt out in the wild, it will automatically be delivered to the Trapper.
  • Hands-Free Travel - Simply navigate to a main road, set a waypoint on your map and build up some speed before switching to Cinematic Camera to travel hands-free.
  • Warning Shot - To fire a shot up in the air, simply hold L2/LT then tap up on the D-pad before firing. Useful for warning shots, intimidating witnesses and more...
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